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What Is Holding You Back From Booking A Massage?

What Is Holding You Back From Booking A Massage?

holding you back from massage

There are many reasons people have not tried massage yet. I hear all sorts of things from people and I am going to answer all those questions right here. Do you feel massage is too expensive? Are you insecure about weight or a skin issue? Maybe you are unsure what massage can do for your body physically? Do you view massage as luxury versus something you do to take care of your body?

I can’t afford a massage

The most common thing I hear a lot is “I can’t afford massage” However, when you think about how much pain killers, physical therapy, doctor co-pays, and deductibles cost… is massage really that expensive in comparison? No. If you could get pain relief from a massage would you choose it over medications, shots, and invasive therapies?  

I see people pay a lot for a personal trainer every month, expensive coffees, going out to dinner with your family, buying clothes, purses, shoes, etc. Is the excuse really about money or is it more about something else? I know when I take my family of four kids and myself out to a nice dinner I easily pay $50 plus a tip for our wonderful waitress. I love buying new clothes and tickets to do fun things.

Cutting down on even one of these, deciding to put me as a priority, can make me a more relaxed, pain-free happy mommy and more functional for my kids. Instead of paying for expensive admission into events and museums, we go to the playground more or the beach.

There are so many free things you can do for entertainment where you save money and have that extra for your massages. Stay home one night and make a nice healthy dinner with your kids, get them involved in helping plan it, teach them how to create it… those moments will be more memorable in the long run, and valuable to your child than sitting in a restaurant.

Do that a few times and you will have no problem affording massage. When you take care of yourself, you are less stressed, you become a better mom, dad, employee, friend, partner, etc. Evaluate what is most important to you.   Why not try a different approach? What is the harm in giving something new a try? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to book a second massage. In some cases a medical doctor is necessary and in other cases, pain can be relieved through massage.

Try the less-invasive approach before committing to a lifetime of medications, surgeries, injections, and the money pit of big pharma. If massage does not bring you the relief you can at least say you gave everything a try before going that route.

Do you have body insecurities? Maybe you feel too vulnerable getting a massage and that keeps you away from trying it.

As a therapist, I will tell you that I get all shapes and sizes of people. I have never once looked at someone’s size (big or small) and thought a single negative thought. All I am looking at is their posture, their gait (form when they walk), I am listening to what they are saying hurts, listening to what type of work they do, or common daily activities.

While I am giving massage I most often close my eyes, I am focused on feeling the muscles and that is all I care about. I am feeling the joints move, where do I feel pulling in which direction? I am thinking how can I help this person live a happier more pain-free life? I am focused on giving my best. I want everyone to walk out of my office feeling better than when they came in. I am here to help, not judge anyone. I am not perfect and have my body insecurities myself.

Also please know you are covered so, we can’t see that extra weight on your tummy after having kids (although I have had four kids, and had a tummy tuck surgery, so,  I completely 100% understand that some things just destroy our bodies and that’s okay!!) I only uncover the area I am working on. You can choose to opt-out of having certain areas massaged. Maybe for your first time you choose to just have your back, neck, and shoulders massaged.

Start in baby steps and as you become more comfortable with your therapist, then add legs and feet and all that other yummy stuff! Do you have a skin issue or cut you are insecure about? A lump? Just tell your therapist or even write that down on your intake form and we can just avoid that area, work around things. Be open and let your therapist know any of your worries or concerns and we are here for you and to help you and to give you a great experience!

What can massage do for your body?

Another common misconception is that massage is a luxury, a girls spa day or just relaxing. Although it can be those great things, there is also massage as therapy. What can massage do for your body when you dedicate to a regular therapy routine?

I always say to book at least once a month for maintenance, but I see the best results for people who are not afraid to listen to what their body needs, maybe you are someone who needs weekly (maybe you have daily migraines and weekly massage is something that keeps those away for you), if you were in a recent car accident you may want more frequent massage until you get ahead of your pain then move to come monthly. Depending on your daily activity could be a difference in how often you should come in order to benefit.

There is a big difference from being a construction worker and being a fitness instructor to a hairstylist to a dental hygienist to being a desk worker. Everyone’s body is different. The activities we do most commonly throughout our day cause overuse of certain muscles in a repetitive manner. Our job as a massage therapist is to target those overused muscles and use different techniques to get the muscles to relax, balance the body back to its equilibrium which can bring great relief for the client. Sitting at a desk all day with your right arm slightly forward, hand cupping a computer mouse… massage can target creating mobility in that right shoulder, opening up the muscles of your hand, giving you flexibility back in those joints. How do we do that? We have several techniques.

Some of my most favorite are trigger point release, myofascial release, joint mobilization with active release techniques. Trigger point release happens when a muscle becomes very taut like a rubber band. There is a point within that taut muscle where everything stems from and when holding pressure on that point, it brings blood to that muscle, unwinds those bands as it slowly melts and relaxes. It is an amazing relieving feeling. Myofascial is a slow dragging movement that helps release layers of muscle away from each other and superficial tissue and skin away from the muscle creating flexibility.

Pinning a muscle with my hand and moving a joint in its action stretches muscle, warms it up, and slowly allows it to release creating less pulling in one direction or the other on that joint. I listen to the joint and tune into where it’s pulling, what muscle is causing a chain reaction to create pain in this area? We can also use heat like hot stones or bamboo which help bring blood to the muscle and melt away tension.

Find a few creative ways to save some extra money every month, give massage a try. If it is not for you, you can say you at least gave it a try. Don’t be nervous about body issues, no one is judging you, and you will be covered and comfortable during your massage. Do book your luxury massage days with your girlfriends now and then, if you like that, but also know massage is a tool to take care of your body, just like you would eat healthily and exercise, it is important to take of the overused muscles we use day in and out at our jobs, carrying our kids, or whatever we are doing on a regular basis. Take time for yourself, stop making excuses and give it a go.

“Massage can be a very therapeutic way to rejuvenate your body after it is overused and beaten down in your daily activities, bring your body back into balance.

Shannon Klipstein, LMT

If you have questions to add and like me to answer, drop a comment below and I will get an answer for you as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and enjoy the rest of your day!!

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