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Free Add Ons: The Benefits of Each

Free Add Ons: The Benefits of Each

At Kinetic Repose Massage, I offer four free add ons that you can book onto your massage.  Each add on has a different therapeutic benefit.  If you are open to any option and would rather me interpret what your body needs, please choose several that you are open to trying. The four add ons are: cupping, rockblade, hot towels and/or hot packs.  The benefit of each is slightly different.  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.  

Hot Towels

Choose this free add on option, when booking online, if you'd like the addition of hot towels to your massage.  Heat in general helps soothe muscle tension and bring blood circulation to the area.  Although hot towels bring a shorter duration and less strength of heat than the hot packs, they are still a very comforting and relaxing addition. 


stack of hot towels

Hot Packs

Using a hydrocollator, hot packs are heated in a vat of water.  This creates a very strong, long lasting, moist heat.  The benefit of the longer duration of heat is deeper penetrating through the muscle layers.  This brings a lot of circulation to the muscle, eases tension more, makes the muscles feel softer and easier to work with.  I can use up to one hot pack per session and it is applied to your most troublesome area.  The pack goes inside a terry cloth wrap, then has an additional layer of towels so that it isn't too hot.  

Hot Packs are heated in a vat of water called a hydrocollator
Myofascial Cupping using Rock Pods

Myofascial Cupping

Using two different styles of cups I can achieve a slightly different benefit to each.  I use silicone cups for gliding across the surface.  With the gliding motion I can feel when the cup slows down.  It will slow down when it hits fascial restrictions.  Fascia is a web like material that covers everything in your body.  When it becomes taught or adhesed, the fascia will pull on muscles and layers of tissue creating a more superficial layer of tension.  I also use rock pods (featured in this photo) which stay stationary on the skin.  Utilizing suction, it is a more localized myofascial release.  I pull and twist the cups to work into the fascial layers, without gliding the cup across the skin.  Both bring blood circulation to the focused area and have the benefit of myofascial release.  The cups can leave red or purple circles on your skin, that coloring is histamine coming to the surface and not bruising.  This does not damage body tissues.  

Rockblade: Instrument Asissted Soft Tissue Manipulation

Rockblade is the black tool featured in this photo.  Rockblade really helps pin trigger points and work out stubborn adhesions.  The tool can feel gravely adhesions that I can't normally feel with my hands.  It is an approach that works really well for stubborn and taut bands of muscle.  I use the tool to either pin down a muscle or glide across a muscle.  You can read more about Rockblade on my blog post by following this link. 

Instrument Asissted Soft Tissue Manipulation using Rockblade tool.

All four of these add ons are a great choice to choose for your next massage.  If you would like to try any please click that option during online booking or contact me! 


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