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At Kinetic Repose Massage, I want every visit to be the best. That is why Client Reviews are very important to me. I want you to feel comfortable and feeling better when you leave. This is YOUR massage, tailored to what feels good to YOU! 

Please comment with anything you would like me to add! I am very curious about what questions I have missed. I am sure there is plenty more to cover. No question is a stupid question.

If you don’t want to post your question publicly, you can also email it to me at shannonkliplmt@gmail.com

I look forward to getting you all on my table so you can experience your very first massage. You will not regret it, massage feels amazing, but warning: it can be very addicting to feel better!

Need more info? Check out my blog post about What To Know Before Your First Massage below! 


Why Massage? 

Regular massage is excellent for your muscle health, balancing your muscles, relieving pain, releasing areas that are taut and pulling your body into unbalanced postures, creating flexibility in your joints, and more.

The most common thing I hear a lot is “I can’t afford massage” However, when you think about how much pain killers, physical therapy, doctor co-pays, and deductibles cost… is massage really that expensive in comparison? No. If you could get pain relief from a massage would you choose it over medications, shots, and invasive therapies?

Check out my client testimonials below to see how massage has helped their pain and their lives! 

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