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To book an appointment you can either click the “book now” button or email me: shannonkliplmt@gmail.com  My evening and weekend appointments book up the fastest; expect a 1-2 week waiting period for your appointment if you are requesting those times.   I am available Monday 9:30am-11am, Wednesday 9:30am-3:00pm, Thursday and Friday 9:30am to 3pm and every other Friday evening and Saturdays.


My mission is to provide effective therapeutic massage treatment to my clients by integrating various techniques in an intuitive approach.   I hope to assure my clients they will get the best massage I am capable of giving during every treatment session.  The client’s pain relief, body balance, and mental relaxation are my priority during their full session time.  After each session I give constructive personalized suggestions for things you can do between massages, to assist in reaching your goals.  I am able to add warm bamboo, basalt rock hot stones, myofascial cupping, rock blades, gua sha and/or essential oils to the massage treatment.   My philosophy is to live in the moment, listen to the body, and give it what it needs to achieve the best possible results.

I am Shannon Klipstein, licensed massage therapist, I have been practicing for four years.  I graduated from Herzing University in September 2015.  I have been working inside a Chiropractic clinic on Milwaukee’s east side for the past three years doing therapeutic style massage. I worked for one year at a massage franchise before that.  I have worked a lot with whiplash, work related overuse injuries, sports recovery, sciatica impingement and headache relief.  Neck and shoulders are my absolute favorite area to massage, but I am also great at relieving low back pain.  I love doing focused work on just the main probem areas to get the best out of your massage time, but a full body massage is also necessary sometimes.  I change up my massage approach every session, they generally are not the same every time.  I am great at trigger point release, myofascial release, Swedish techniques, joint mobilization, and active release.  I have extra training in warm bamboo, hot stone, reflexology, rock blades, cupping, si joint dysfunction, gua sha and aromatherapy (I am one of the only certified aromatherapists in the area).  I have done extra studying on headaches, arthritis, and low back pain.  I love continuing to learn more and more as I grow as a therapist.  I look forward to meeting new clientele,  I care so very much about every client I have and enjoying seeing them regularly.


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