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February 2021 Updates

February 2021 Updates

feb 21 updates

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are staying warm and managing through this winter.  We are almost there!  We got this 🙂 Just a note about the weather; If you have a longer strenuous drive and it’s a snowy day, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and reschedule.  I am always willing to make the drive to come in (I don’t live far from the studio) however, some of you have been making a 30min drive to see me sometimes.  I would rather you be safe if it seems like the better choice.   

Some updates of things I have been working on this month… 

Where to even start? 🙂

I signed up for a new course called precision neuromuscular therapy focused on shoulder massage.  I take this course in the beginning of April in Illinois.  If I like it, I want to continue taking more PNMT classes.  I am really excited about this!  Although I feel my massage style is already very thorough and precise, I believe I will gain even more knowledge on exploring clinical reasoning in massage therapy.  I really want to take the low back series for this, but I have to find a good date and location for that course.

Veteran-Owned and WI Veterans Chamber Member

I joined the Veterans Chamber of Commerce this month.  I also created a Veterans Discounted Massage service on my website.  As an Army veteran myself I would like to be more involved in the veteran community.  Most veterans experience some pain due to overuse and high physical activity.  I wanted to show my appreciation to this community by offering a 20% discount off a single service.  ($85 value for $68)

full body massage

Now introducing 30 min massage therapy sessions.  I recognize some people are dealing with more economic hardships this year.  I wanted to create an affordable option for anyone struggling financially by introducing 30 min massages sessions.   This isn’t a full-body session, but a spot treatment.  $45 for a 30min massage on a specific target area such as only upper body, or feet and legs (For someone who stands on their feet all day), low back and hips maybe.  We can discuss the best use of this time in person.  The area of focus will be different from person to person. 

Check out my services here!

I am creating a “Self Care Board”.  I already hung it up on my door, but this is a board with envelopes containing business cards for companies I love and trust who offer different health care services.  I wanted to promote other small businesses that are working hard to help everyone maintain wellness.  Businesses on my board include chiropractors, yoga, personal trainer, facials, waxing, and mental health therapy.  I have one more category to add and I can’t decide what it will be!  Any suggestions?  Maybe acupuncture? Anything anyone would really like to see?  

COVID 19 Precautions

Last update: I’ve been fortunate to be on the list of 1a essential healthcare workers and was able to get the COVID19 Pfizer vaccine.  I received my second dose tomorrow so, wish me luck!  I hope it goes well!  The Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective in not getting the COVID19 virus.  I did this mostly to protect my immunocompromised son, but also to protect all of you!  I will still be following all the same precautions as I have before to include wiping surfaces down with a bleach-based cleaner, running my air purifier, and UV c lights between massages.  I am continuing to space my massages at least 30min apart between each session, for cleaning and turning over the room, and to reduce waiting in the lobby area.  I am also going to continue wearing a mask while I massage.  

Thank you all for a wonderful start to 2021!  I feel the shift of so many positive things coming our way this year!  Thank you for being such awesome, loyal, and amazing clients!  

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