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About Me

4406 S. 68th St. Suite 102 Greenfield, WI 53220

Here is a little information about me, my mission, education and massage style.  You can book a therapeutic massage by clicking the “Book Now” button or by emailing me at shannonkliplmt@Gmail.com or by following this link to Contact Me

My mission is to provide effective therapeutic massage treatments to my clients by integrating various techniques.   After each session I give personalized suggestions for things you can do between massages.   I am able to add warm bamboo, basalt rock hot stones, myofascial cupping, rock blades, kinesiology tape, hot towels, moist heat packs and/or essential oils to the massage treatment. 

My massage style includes a mixture of trigger point, myofascial release and joint mobilization.  My style has slow movements with firm pressure.  I incorporate the pin and stretch method.  This method involves shortening the muscle length by pinning the muscle, then taking the muscle through a full range of motion.  Another technique I use is trigger point release.  This method involves finding small nodules in a taut band of muscle fascia, then,  applying direct pressure. This technique can cause a twitch response and local tenderness.  Myofascial release is a technique done by applying slow, gentle pressure to the connective tissue.  I use these techniques because I have found them to be the most effective at providing pain relief.  Expect to experience all of these techniques in one session with me.  

My work experience began in 2015, at Herzing University.  Upon graduation, I moved on to working in a massage franchise.   After one year of doing that,  I then decided to become an independent contractor in a chiropractic office.  While working alongside chiropractors for 4 years, I gained experience with car accident injuries, overuse sports injuries, and chronic work related muscle tension.  During my third year as a massage therapist, I opened my own practice in September 2018.  Kinetic Repose Massage was opened inside Maple Grove Center, which is a co op business me and my friends created.  We all have our own massage suite inside of a larger shared space.  We provide a very quiet and clean atmosphere for our clients.  Kinetic Repose Massage is located in a quiet rural area of Greenfield, WI off of 68th street.    

Book a massage with me today and you will not be disappointed.  I am a great listener and want to help you achieve your goals through massage therapy.  

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