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February 21′ Latest News

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are staying warm and managing through this winter.  We are almost there!  We got this 🙂 Just a note about the weather; If you have a longer strenuous drive and it’s a snowy day, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and reschedule.  I am always willing to…
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five element theory

The Five Element Theory: Which one are you most dominant?

The Five Element Theory The Five Element Theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. The five element theory includes: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It is believed the fundamental elements are everything in the universe between which interactions occur. The elements of the earth interact in many ways…
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Autumn Harvest Soup

Autumn harvest soup

With the season changing from summer to autumn we are naturally going to eat more warm foods. Autumn is a time of harvest and fruition of all the growth of spring and summer. Metal in the Chinese Five Element Theory is associated with autumn, and represents the mineral ores and salts of the Earth. Some…
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Reflexology is a four theory approach of applying acupressure to the feet in order to promote healing. This includes structural alignment, zones, meridians and psychoneuroimmunology theories. By considering four different theories, we are honoring the complexity of the human body in several approaches. Foot reflexology is a map on the feet, of the entire body.…
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trigger point release

Trigger Point Release

What are Rockblades? Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

  I had the opportunity last Friday to take a continuing education course for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation/IASTM with focus on Rockblades.  Rockblades, have four distinct edges so you can maneuver the tool around different boney surfaces depending on which area of the body you are treating.  The tools have several techniques that can…
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